#7 | Baker Lane Vineyards - Sonoma Coast Estate Vineyard Syrah, 2011

Overview: Baker Lane Vineyards - Sonoma Coast Estate Vineyard Syrah, 2011. Drank during the summer of 2018 with my fiancee. Paired with steak kabobs. Got this bottle for a steal on auction, saved over 66% on price.


Producer: Baker Lane Vineyards
Country: USA
Region: Sonoma Coast, Sonoma Valley, CA
Varietal Composition: 100% Syrah
Vintage: 2011
Avg. Cost: $64.00

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5



Look: Very murky and dull. The age on this bottle gave the wine a lovely medium Garnet color, meaning the young, red color had been tainted with an orange hue, overall making it look a bit brown. Loads of meniscus around the edges, the brown rim fade to a ruby and finally deep purple in middle. Medium viscosity.


Smell: Sound wine. The age on this bottle gave it some nice aged tertiary aromas -  medium bouquet on the nose. Different from the youthful and super aromatic/floral  wines I've been enjoying this summer Blackberry jam and peppercorn immediate on the nose, and after opening up for a bit, tobacco leaf. 


Taste: Dry, Powerful and complex medium+ body. Edgy acidity - well balanced here. Super jammy alcohol. Grippy and leathery tannins. Fairly layered and complex, with a smokey, long finish in mouth. Balanced. Spicy with lots of black fruits on palette.


Conclusion: It's always fun to drink some wine with some age on it. Older wines whisper more secrets and have more stories to tell. I drink more young wines, so this was a great switch up. I loved the mature smoke and spicy flavors of this aged Syrah.

Occasion: This wine brought back some special memories. This bottle was produced in the same region I proposed to my fiancee in, and was bottled in the same city we stayed in at our Air BnB. The grapes were harvested a few months before we started dating, so this wine mirrors the length of our relationship pretty well.