#4 - Moët & Chandon - Grand Vintage Brut (Champage), 2006

Overview: Moët & Chandon - Grand Vintage Brut Champagne, 2006. Drank in 2018 on Father's Day with two close friends, courtesy of my friend Kyle. Give him a follow here: KyleThe1Percent


Producer: Moët & Chandon
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Varietal Composition: 42% Chardonnay // 39% Pinot Noir // 19% Meunier
Vintage: 2006
Avg. Cost: $89.99

Overall Rating: 4.0 of 5

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.55.12 PM.png


Look: Was hard for me to get a pinpoint on color for this champagne. Enjoyed at a friends place. We were short on champagne flutes, and had to substitute for white wine glasses that were tinted.


Smell: Clean champagne. Still smelled more of fresh fruit than toasty maturity. Zesty, like the citrus from lemon, as well as flowers and something like a peach or apricot.


Taste: Off-dry brut. The age on the bottle gives it a medium+ body. Rather intense and powerful, yet delicate in balance, structure, and complexity. Airy. Light. Refined. Classy.  Elegant.


Conclusion: Was a well rounded and clean champagne. Easy to drink. Delicately balanced. Still relatively young in the world of champagne, but was already coming in nicely into itself after 12 years. Super curious as to how deep it would taste if it had aged another 4+ years or so. It is always truly a treat tasting vintage champagnes versus non vintage - greatly appreciated Kyle for allowing me to get in on this special tasting!

Occasion: Drank on Father's Day in 2018. The bottle was courtesy of my good friend Kyle Kolander, who was kind enough to share it with myself and Hollywood, the DJ from Dollhouse.